norfolk island living library


In 2008, a group of community members formed a committee to support the school curriculum and to instill in the students of Norfolk Island Central School the importance of tourism to the Norfolk Island community. They called their group TourEd. They met regularly with teaching staff and scrutinized the Department of Education curriculum documents to identify areas in which Norfolk Island could be included. They gathered resources and information that could be used in the school.

As part of the TourEd programme, the motivated and energetic leader of the group contacted the School Librarian about the possibility of centralizing access to resources and creating partnerships with other groups on the Island - like the manager of the Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area (KAVHA), the Norfolk Island Registry Office, the Norfolk Island Museums and the Public Library -  and to create a register of local people with expertise in various aspects of Island life and worldly experience. It was during these discussions that it was decided to develop a database of resources including print, moving images, sound recordings, maps .... and people! It would be like our own collection of “talking books”.

The Rotary Club of Norfolk Island have generously provided a computer and software and we are on the way to developing an exciting and collaborative resource that will be available to students and to all who are interested in Norfolk Island’s history and culture.


To the Rotary Club of Norfolk Island, we express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the support they have given to this Project.

The Living Library Project was officially launched by Rotarian, Mitchell Evans, on August 18, 2009. Significantly, it was in the week in which Norfolk Island celebrated 30 years of internal Self-Government.